Pharmacy news – Awareness of pharmacy services remains low

Pharmacy news - Awareness of services remains low

Pharmacy industry news and updates from the Flame Health blog. Public awareness of pharmacy services has improved but there is still a way to go. According to a survey by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA).

As this year’s Ask Your Pharmacist Week gets into gear, the NPA report showed only 48 per cent of people questioned knew that many pharmacies in England offer blood pressure monitoring (NHS or private). Furthermore, only 51 per cent knew about the CPCS service that enables GP surgeries to formally refer patients to their local pharmacist for same-day clinical advice about minor ailments.

On the positive side, 55 per cent of respondents knew the majority of pharmacies have consultation rooms from where they can provide services. Up 11 percent on the number responding to a similar NPA survey five years ago. A further 68 per cent knew that flu jabs are available in many pharmacies.

However, there is still more work to do when it comes to public awareness of the New Medicine Service (NMS). This began in 2011 and was expanded in 2021 to include medicines for 13 additional conditions. The NPA survey showed that only 56 per cent of those asked knew that pharmacies in England offer NHS consultations for people newly prescribed a medicine for a long-term condition.

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Pharmacy industry news Pharmacy industry news and updates from the Flame Health blog

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