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Pharmacy faces workforce shortages and needs a plan

Pharmacy faces workforce shortages and needs a plan, says select committee. A cross-party Commons health and social care select committee report published today has warned nearly every sector including pharmacy is facing workforce shortages. Now have called on the government to produce a workforce plan for the profession.

The group of influential MPs claimed the NHS and social care is facing its “greatest workforce crisis” in history. Therefore, accused the government of failing to come up with a “credible” strategy to address the situation. The inquiry looked at recruitment, retention and training across health and social care. It concluded there was “an opportunity to better utilise the pharmacy workforce.”

The Committee said an “integrated and funded workforce plan” ensuring all pharmacists have access to supervision, training and protected learning time with clear structures for career development should be laid before parliament within 12 months. The Committee also said the plan’s vision should be that all newly-qualified pharmacists are independent prescribers by 2027.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s director for England Ravi Sharma told the inquiry the latter was “fundamentally important to the NHS from both a capacity perspective and a clinical service perspective” because it will “optimise the workload that healthcare staff are able to experience” and “improve access to care for the population (and) ensure better use of medicines.”

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Pharmacy Pharmacy faces workforce shortages and needs a plan

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