Vision Care for Homeless People searching for new volunteers

Vision Care for Homeless People searching for new volunteers

Vision Care for Homeless People searching for new volunteers. The charity has appointed a new volunteer operations manager to aid its recruitment.

Vision Care for Homeless People (VCHP) is recruiting new volunteers and has brought a new volunteer operations manager on board. This is to ensure its clinics are adequately resourced after pandemic closures.

Helen Harms (pictured) has taken on the role, which the charity hopes will help its regional clinics find the best people possible in the coming months. The pandemic had previously forced the suspension of the charity’s eye care services.

On her new role, Harms said: “So many homeless people are unable to access the eye care service they need. We are striving to change that situation for the better. Making a difference in those people’s lives. And being able to work with volunteers who are so giving of their time, is hugely satisfying.”

She added that the charity is keen to hear from optometrists who may be able to spare time to work in clinics. Based in Birmingham, Brighton, Exeter, Gloucester, Leeds, London, or Manchester.

Harms said: “Volunteering at VCHP clinics around the country is a talking point amongst many students. But we are keen to reach out to those in practice who find they have a spare half day once a month. If several volunteers each offered a few sessions a year we would be able to run a regular service for homeless people.”

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