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Managing COVID-19 through winter

So, with the Government announcing its plans for the months ahead to tackle COVID-19, the AOP has emphasised that community eye care can help reduce the pressure on the NHS.

As the Government outlined its plans for managing COVID-19 through the autumn and winter months in England. The AOP has highlighted the role of optometry in providing community-based care and reducing the pressure on the NHS.

The Government set out its plan for the next few months. With a continued emphasis on the vaccination programme as a “first line of defence,”. This is supported by testing and public health advice.

Furthermore, the latest data from Public Health England suggests that two doses of the vaccine prevented 24,702,000 infections. As well as up to 112,300 deaths up to 27 August.

This will include the launch of the vaccination booster programme from next week which will be offered to priority groups one to nine from the initial vaccine programme – including health and social care workers.

The role of optometry

Responding to the announcement, AOP chief executive, Adam Sampson, noted the role that community optometrists have, and continue, to take in reducing pressures on hospitals. He shared: “All the way through the pandemic our members have stepped up to support the NHS in delivering vital eyecare to patients – freeing up capacity across NHS departments.”

While winter can typically be a challenging time for the NHS, it has been suggested that this winter could be particularly difficult with both the Delta variant of COVID-19 and the seasonal flu circulating.

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Managing COVID-19 through winter

Managing COVID-19 through winter - Flame Health Blog

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