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Creating an online shop

Optometrist and practice owner of Valarie Jerome Optometrists, Dr. Valarie Jerome, discusses how building her business during the pandemic led her to establish an online offering.

I created an online shop for my practice out of necessity. Having only been open four months at the time of the first lockdown, I didn’t have any recalls or email lists to market to and therefore needed to find a way of making money.

Initially, I worked on building the practice’s social media presence and getting more engagement on social media. In doing that, I realised that there was no point in getting people engaged online if I couldn’t offer them anything online. As a result, I set up my own webshop and filled it with eye care products and sunglasses, with free home delivery to those in the local area.

Shortly afterward I began to stock an eye care product called We Love Eyes, and, as one of the only suppliers in the UK, people across the country began to discover it and order it through my online shop.

I would love to expand the shop in the future and will shortly be adding an area where people can view, but not purchase, the optical frames that are available in practice. This will work as an online shop window and will help get the practice noticed. It will allow potential patients to see what is on offer, enabling them to feel more comfortable and confident when they come in.

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Optometrist talks about creating an online shop

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