LinkedIn groups for Optometry, Dentistry and Pharmacy professionals from Flame Health

Did you know about our Optometry, Dentistry, and Pharmacy LinkedIn groups?  These groups are designed to keep you informed and up to date on any new opportunities that are presented to us.

What are they all about:

These groups provide you with a double service, firstly you remain updated in an effective and easy way with all of the new jobs in your particular sector and they are also a fantastic way to connect with like-minded individuals so you can grow your own network of professionals.

Furthermore, our Optometry group has over 2000 members, our pharmacy group stands at nearly 5000 members and our Dentistry group has over 6500 members. That means that they are very well established! It is as simple as clicking the link below that relates to your sector and requesting to join. So whether your searching for an Optometrist job, a Dentist job, or a Pharmacist job, these LinkedIn groups are a fantastic place to start your search.

Of course, this is part of our portfolio when it comes to our recruitment service. Below as well as the links to join our LinkedIn groups there is also the Flame Health Website. On here you can subscribe to our members-only area called "MyFlamehealth", where you can also receive constant updates on new jobs. There is also the link to our blog page where we include a mixture of useful information and in the future, this will include useful interview tips and information about our other services!

Where you can find us:

Optometry and Optometrist jobs LinkedIn group: here
Dentistry and Dentist jobs LinkedIn group: here
Pharmacy and Pharmacist jobs LinkedIn group: here

View all the new roles on the Flame Health updated website: here
Keep updated with all of the new blogs we post weekly: here

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