Flu Vaccine Delivery Complications to GP Practices

Flame Health are concerned to hear that because of the Pharmaceutical company, Crucell, withdrawing its flu vaccines, many patients will be going without the vaccination for some time.
Derbyshire LMC secretary Dr John Grenville said it was a serious problem nationally, while in Derbyshire, ‘15 practices were affected to the tune of about 22,500 vaccine doses’.
He added: ‘Several flu clinics have had to be cancelled. Others are being cancelled and practices affected do not know when they will be able to get their programme going properly.
‘It has been recommended that if practices do get stocks, they should start off by targeting the frail elderly and pregnant women.’
A statement from Crucell said: ‘Crucell is voluntarily holding all deliveries of our seasonal flu vaccine while we complete an investigation pertaining two batches. As always, our top priority is patient safety, and therefore, we will wait until we have final results on the product quality of these two batches before releasing any of the vaccines in the 2012/2013 flu campaign.’

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