Online Dental Appointment Booking System a Hit with Patients

Flame Health Dentistry are keen to hear that Software of Excellence's new online appointment booking module has proved a real hit with patients.
As practices become increasingly familiar with the application of this type of new technology, they have a greater ability to engage with existing and potential patients. This innovative and ground- breaking solution works via email and on smart phones, stimulating outstanding response rates and making a measurable and significant contribution to the overall success of a practice.
David Holden, Divisional Partner at Flame Health Dentistry comments,
"It is great to see that patients are using the electronic appointment booking system. I am sure this is quick and simple to use, allowing a patient to book at a time that suits them. Having this system will certainly free up Dental Staff, allowing them to focus on other things within the practice."
Do you have this new system in your practice? If you do, please let Flame Health know how you are finding it.

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