New Visa Rules for Overseas Pharmacy Students

Flame Health Pharmacy would like to inform all Overseas Pharmacy Students about new visa rules.
The governments closure of the tier 1 post-study work visa took effect on April 6, 2012 and applies to pharmacy students who are due to start their pre-registration training in August. This means the current crop of overseas pharmacy students will only be able to stay in the UK and complete their pre-registration training by registering for a tier 2 visa, which requires a minimum salary of £20,700 per year.
Pharmacy bodies have warned this would be unaffordable to most students.
There is now a lot of speculation as to what can be done to support students with their pre registration training.
RPS director of professional development and support Catherine Duggan said the society was working closely with heads of schools, the Department of Health (DH) and the UK Border Agency to find a solution that would support schools of pharmacy as well as overseas pharmacy students currently in the system.

Flame Health Pharmacy
will keep the Blog up to date on this matter.

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