A Pain Free Alternative to Dental Fillings?

Good news for dental patients who are a bit wary of going to see a dentist because of the pain factor.
The University of Missouri and Nanova have created a pain free alternative to dental fillings and it could come to market very soon. The Plasma Brush is soon to undergo clinical trials, which will use chemical reactions to disinfect and clean out cavities within 30 seconds. The team are hoping to reduce the number and costs of replacement fillings and take away some of the pain, although dentists may still need to use a drill to assist in the filling process.
If the clinical trials go well and it is approved by the FDA, the Plasma Brush could come to market by 2013.
Flame Health are keen to hear the thoughts of dentists. If this brush was approved by the FDA, would you like to have it in your practice? Do you think it will work with regards to pain relief. Please let Flame Health know your thoughts.

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