Exciting times ahead for Flame Pharma

This week has been another busy week for Flame Pharma
Flame Pharma is growing and developing into new areas. With the introduction of a new member to the team, Neil Aaron, it seems there are exciting times to come.
It is exciting times for us right now. We have new vacancies coming through to us regularly so now is a good time to get in touch if you are considering changing roles. We have received new CRA vacancies in Bulgaria, Spain and Novosibirsk and we have been continuing the search for experienced CRA’s in the UK. We also have an exciting opportunity in the UK at the moment that would be ideal for someone with extensive Clinical Research experience and strong leadership skills looking to progress in to a Project Management position.
Why not send us your updated CV and we will see if we have the job that fits the profile of exactly what you are looking for!

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