Could Pharmacists give GPs a helping hand?

A report from the UCL school of Pharmacy and the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association has revealed that enhanced Pharmacy services could help people with preventable long term pain.
This report could co inside with talks of whether it is best to gain advice from your local pharmacist or to visit your GP.
There are 5 – 10 million more members of the public who have long term pain issues and this can cost the UK more than £10 billion a year. If people are able to visit their pharmacist in hours that suit them, instead of waiting to get an appointment at the surgery then Pharmacists could help a lot more people in a faster amount of time. On the side of this, there could be thousands of pounds saved.
Examples of improved community pharmacy services include increasing the use of structured pain assessments in the community and providing self-care support, including better protection against the harmful or ineffective use of 'minor' analgesics.
Flame Health are keen to hear from Pharmacists who agree with this report, that enhanced Pharmacy services could help people. Are you a pharmacist who already does this? Or are you a pharmacist who is keen to start on with this service?
Please let the Pharmacy team know your thoughts.

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