What does the future hold for the Tooth Fairy?

Flame Health are amazed to hear the findings from a decade of work by Future Health BIOBANK. This company are offering parents the opportunity of having the cells contained in their children’s first teeth, frozen and stored for potential future medical use.
The reason for using teeth is that a tooth’s dental pulp contains a type of stem cell known as Mesenchymal, similar to umbilical cord tissue. These cells have the ability to turn themselves into bone, cartilage, muscle and tendon. They therefore hold the prospect of one day being able to help repair joints, heart valves and even damaged nerves.
Future Health BIOBANK have successfully stored thousands of stem cell samples and have developed the technology to safely collect and preserve then so they can be used at anytime in the next 20-25 years.
Announcing the new service, Steve Baines, Future Health's Commercial Director said:
'For those families who missed the opportunity to store their child's umbilical cord stem cells at birth, saving first teeth provides a second chance to capture those precious stem cells that may one day be a health lifeline.'

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