Don't be lazy, you may get fired!

A leaked government report commissioned by the prime minister has stated that unproductive workers should lose their right to claim unfair dismissal, arguing that more capable people would replace those sacked, boosting economic growth.
Downing Street says changes to unfair dismissal rules are "unlikely".
Currently, workers who feel they were unfairly dismissed can make a claim after 12 months in a job. Chancellor George Osborne announced that, from April 2011, an applicant must have been in their job for at least two years before being able to make a claim for unfair dismissal.
Lib Dem Norman Lamb, who is Nick Clegg's chief of staff, said it would be "madness" to bring in these new proposals.
"If every employee in the land faced the prospect that they could be removed arbitrarily, the destabilising effect could be devastating," he said.
Flame Health are keen to know your thoughts.
If the government are trying to lower unemployment levels then why are they creating an easier way of firing people? How do you feel about the possibility of being fired due to your lack of productivity? Do you think this is right or fair?
As an employer what are your thoughts on this? Do you want to be spending money on employment tribunal legal fees? According to the Ministry of Justice, in 2010-11 the cost to the taxpayer of running employment tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal in England, Wales and Scotland was more than £84m. The Treasury said that more than 80% of applications made to an employment tribunal did not result in a full hearing. Almost 40% of applicants withdrew their cases, but employers still had to pay legal fees in preparing a defence.
Please let Flame Health know your thoughts.

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