Pharmacy Debate

Flame Health Pharmacy would like to know the thoughts of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Managers with regards to the comments of GP and Bracknell MP Phillip Lee.
At a speech at the Safety Express coalition summit on 12th October, Mr Lee said he "couldn't understand" why there wasn't a pharmacy in every GP practice and that pharmacies should move away from high streets and increase their presence in GP surgeries.
Professionals in the industry have commented on his remarks as "utter tosh", arguing that pharmacies were more accessible to patients away from the GP surgery. For example they are open much longer hours that GP surgeries and offer them much greater access.
Mr Lee also argued that pharmacy funding should be cut and instead used for GP surgeries, rather than on the high street. Mr Lee later amended his comments, stressing that pharmacies should be funded to operate in GP surgeries, rather than on the high street.
As professionals within this industry, what are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with Mr Lee? Flame Health Pharmacy work alongside independent and multiple pharmacies across the UK and are keen to know the thoughts from both businesses. Please get in contact today.

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