Should Eye Tests be made compulsory every 10 years?

The European Parliament has urged for eye tests to be made compulsory for all drivers every 10 years.
A report entitled 'Own Initiative' calls for concerted action in a bid to reduce the estimated 35,000 deaths on roads across Europe annually. Eye tests are just one of the areas that could reduce this figure.
The report is published at a time when the UK Government is yet to implement the updated European vision requires for drivers in its country. 
Talking on behalf of the Optical Confederation, Mark Nevin, head of policy and regulation of the ACLM, FMO and FODO, said:
"We welcome the European Parliament's recognition of the importance of ongoing assessment of all drivers' vision. We have always maintained that vision has received inadequate attention to date as an area with scope to deliver road safety improvements."
Flame Health are keen to see how this will progress. What are your thoughts on this? Please let Flame Health know.

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