Can Pharmacists tackle malnutrition?

The Patients Association has said that community pharmacy could play an essential role in raising awareness of malnutrition and advising those at risk.
They have stated that malnutrition should be treated as a public health issue and the role of community pharmacists in tackling it must be considered by public health directors in the reformed NHS.
A report by the Patients Association has revealed that patients had been slow to use pharmacy for help with malnutrition. Only 10 per cent of those who had sought information on the condition told a YouGov poll that they had asked a pharmacist for that advice.
The internet and GPs were the most commonly used sources of information, but 38% of the 5,018 patients surveyed said they would like to receive information on malnutrition from community pharmacists in the future.
But tackling the condition could lead to "substantial savings" for the NHS, because the condition was estimated to cost £13 billion a year in the UK.
It will be interesting to see if community pharmacists do take on board raising awareness of malnutrition.

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