A pain free injection?

Dentist Dr John Meechan has come up with a pain free jab which delivers anaesthetic to the gums without patients feeling it.
Dr John Meechan led a team at Newcastle University who invented the syringe which enables the anaesthetic to be mixed with a neutralising solution just before it is injected into a patient's mouth which stops it being painful.
The Smart Dental Injection won a Medical Futures Innovation Award at a ceremony in London this week.
Dr John Meechan said,
"The whole idea was to make dental injections more comfortable for patients and we've done that by changing the delivery system. One of the things that causes pain during an injection is the solution in the cartridge because it is very acidic (for storage purposes). As soon as you activate the new syringe the 2 solutions mix so you have a neutral solution."   
Flame Health hope, along with Dr Meechan, that this new solution will be widely available soon!

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