Stop Smoking Rates – Lowest Figures From Pharmacies

According to the latest NHS stop smoking figures, pharmacies continue to have the lowest stop smoking rates among NHS providers in England.
From April to September 2010 there was a 44% successful quit rate among pharmacy patients. Quit rates were higher among other providers such as hospitals wards and prisons, with military bases coming out on top at 58%.
However the overall number of successful quitters using pharmacies increased to 4,200 a month between April and September. This report also showed that pharmacies helped over 25,000 people to quit in the 6 months leading to September 2010.
As a pharmacist, how do you feel about these figures? Do you feel that as a pharmacy you are reaching out to a harder to reach patient based compared to such providers as hospital wards and prison cells? Do you feel that this then could make a difference to the overall figure for pharmacies?
Please let Flame Health know your thoughts.

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