Freezing not Cutting the Science Budget is the Way to Protect it

Following on from the Governments Comprehensive spending review, the REC has been monitoring the impact that public sector cuts will have on the pharmaceutical and scientific sector.
The Government announced a freeze in the science research budget and gave the go ahead for a joint initiative between Cancer Research UK, the Medical Research Council, University College London and the Wellcome Trust.
Lawrence Levy, Chair of REC Pharmaceutical and Scientific has commented on this review:
“Science and research have a big part to play in securing the country’s economic recovery. It is through these channels that we can secure sustainable and long term benefits for our society. Although we would like to see more resources going towards that direction, we welcome the Governments announcement to freeze the £4.7bn science budget in cash terms, rather than cut it. "
If you work with these sectors do you feel the budget freeze is the right thing to do? Flame Health beleive that to secure long term growth, focus needs to be put on developing neccessary skills.  Do you agree with Lawrence Levy's comment? Please let us know your thoughts.

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