Care Quality Commission Delays

The Care Quality Commission is stalling on giving dentists the information they need about registration, despite discussions between the health watchdog and dental representatives.
A recent meeting between the BDA and the CQC had raised hopes of clarification over the whole process but this was dashed by the CQC’s failure to clear up the questions raised by the dental representatives. The only information they gleaned was that the number of crown post offices able to countersign CRB checks will quadruple but despite pressures from the BDA, the CQC failed to confirm the exact number of post offices or their locations. The BDA is also trying to confirm whether all practice staff require CRB checks.
Dentists throughout England are reported to be facing severe practical problems in the registration process. Criticisms include the tight deadline to complete the registration process and the duplicative and inappropriate nature of compliance requirements.
A BDA spokesperson said that the CQC understands the system was unpopular and also accepted that the process had been rushed but it was confident that it could pull it around. The chief executive has promised to cooperate with the BDA to resolve problems as they arise and provide the profession with the information it needs.
As a dental professional are you feeling the frustrations from the CQC? Flame Health would like to know your thoughts.

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