Latest Recruitment Figures

The Report on Jobs published today (08.09.10) by the REC and KPMG has shown that the number of people placed in new jobs by recruitment consultancies continued to increase in August however growth has slowed further from March’s peak. The latest rises in both permanent and temporary staff appointments were the least marked for 10 months.
Although these figures rose in August, there was still evidence of growing skill shortages. The availability of permanent staff declined at the sharpest rate since November 2007.
Kevin Green, The REC’s Chief Executive, says: “We are all concerned about the UK job market. Growth is rapidly slowing as public sector job freezes start to bite and private sector employer’s confidence remains fragile.”
“The young are being disproportionately affected by the worst labour market in over 2 decades. The report does however highlight the emergence of specific shortage areas, such as chefs, nurses, engineers and internet developers, which will provide opportunities for those with the right skills.”

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