Social Media – Candidate Concerns over Confidentiality and Unwanted Exposure in Senior Level / Executive Recruitment

As an organisation we feel it is important to embrace social media and it most definitely plays a key part in our recruitment strategy in terms of raising awareness of our business and our current opportunities on sites such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook; however, given the profile and seniority of individuals we recruit and represent, we firmly believe that not everyone wants everyone else to know what they are doing when they are exploring potential new career opportunities. So in terms of senior level / executive career moves confidentiality is key!
The level of openness associated with social media, is obviously fine for social purposes, however, we feel that professional people are becoming much more considered and aware of the implications so subsequently take  a different approach when it comes to careers and communicating amongst their professional network. We feel it has a place within certain areas of  the recruitment sector especially where there is more volume attached, however, we are finding that more conventional methods are still prevalent across our business sectors.
Confidential Networking at my flame
Given our proven hybrid approach of a sophisticated and user friendly online platform supported by proven traditional recruitment methods, we feel is one of the main reasons for the increase in registrations and applications across our business, especially on our Premium Members website my flame. Being able to provide our members with new and exclusive jobs and opportunities in a safe secure confidential environment, plays a key role in both flame health and flame pharma being able to differentiate ourselves against our competition.
We feel that both active and passive job seekers appreciate our confidential, proven approach to recruitment, by keeping our members informed of our latest offerings that are relevant to them by either visiting our website for the latest updates or by keeping in touch  using our my alerts service and twice weekly newsletters, ensuring they are kept up to date efficiently and effectively.
What are your thoughts /experiences on social media and senior level /executive recruitment?

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