Dentists Unprepared for Registration with the CQC

Research reveals that many dentists are unprepared for registering with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) 22% of those surveyed admitted to being unprepared and a further 19% did not even know what CQC meant. Those who do not fulfil the requirements run the risk of their licence to practice removed.
There is much debate in the profession as to the necessity for further regulation by the CQC. Many are arguing that it will simply duplicate procedures already performed by other bodies. The CQC took over from the Healthcare Commission this year and dentists are a part of a second wave of health professionals required to register with the watchdogs. (Additional to GDC registration)
CQC registration will become a legal requirement for all primary dental care providers by April 2011.
Are you a dentist who is confused with the CQC registration? We would like to hear your comments on this.

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