Why Flame health?

Serious about standards

Do you employ people? Want to make recruitment easier? We have ways to make this easier, better, more cost-effective.

At the moment you probably use advertisements, Jobcentres, Job Boards, word of mouth recommendations or recruitment consultants.

And what criteria do you use to choose your resources? Speed, cost, quality, certainty of results, warranty, time saved or even local knowledge and advice?

Whichever you need, are you aware that Flame Health LLP, which incorporates Flame Pharma and Flame Active, is a member of the recruitment industry association the REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation), and provides you with the most reliable combination of these?

For instance, whereas an advertisement may lose you a week or even a month's lead time, our consultants will be sourcing candidates the same day you brief them. As to cost, our Pricing structure is easy to calculate and transparent, whilst being governed by our Terms and Conditions which are industry standard and REC approved.

Quality is governed by REC codes and ISO9001 accreditation which involves stringent membership criteria.

For certainty, a Flame Health consultant will work until your problem is solved, unlike the advertising medium which unfortunately stops working for you once the advertisement has disappeared.

Flame Health also provides two other levels of benefits. Our Terms and Conditions specify a rebate period (or rerun) which applies in the unlikely event the successful candidate falls short, with recourse to free impartial arbitration for any other extraordinary matter.

The savings in time are self-evident. When you brief a consultant properly and make it clear that they have the discretion to filter and short list on your behalf, you can avoid hours, perhaps days and weeks, of wasted time.

REC member Flame Health, are guaranteed to offer you all these; whilst our knowledge of your market sector is an additional benefit.

As an REC member, Flame Health is guaranteed to offer you all these; whilst our extensive knowledge of your market sector is an additional benefit.

For more information regarding recruitment matters contact Flame Health for further assistance - 0800 085 0858 - information@flamehealth.com.


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