Flame Health's Pharmacy Division are proud to be working with Tesco Pharmacy Stores, we consistently provide pharmacy recruitment solutions for Pharmacy Managers and Duty Pharmacy Managers across the UK.

Flame Health operate to International standards ISO9001 and are Corporate members of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation

Competitive pay and benefits, flexible working and excellent training. That’s why I prescribe Tesco.

It's about much more than simply dispensing. That's why I prescribe Tesco.

They really take the time to talk to you. That's why I prescribe Tesco.

Working at Tesco

Their success depends on people: the people that shop with them and the people that work with them.

For the people who work with them, they can deliver this success through their superb training programmes, exclusive benefits, flexible working options and great support from senior managers.

Changing the face of community pharmacy

Right now Tesco Pharmacy are embracing the exciting changes taking place in the pharmacy market. It’s not surprising when you realise that their customers are always at the centre of everything they do. So when they wanted the convenience of an in-store pharmacy, they made it happen.

True, they may not be the biggest pharmacy around, but their customers tell us them that they are great at what they do. Because to Tesco, pharmacy is about much more than simply dispensing. It’s about providing customers with a huge range of enhanced services – including smoking cessation, medicine use review, blood pressure and allergy testing – which are now a big part of every pharmacist’s day.

They have introduced hundreds of pharmacies across their nationwide network of stores. These modern, professional environments are all equipped to a high standard, include a consultation area and offer their customers the personal touch of a community pharmacy in the convenience of a Tesco store. But they’re not ready to settle and over the next few years will be opening many more.

As you’d expect of Tesco they have big ambitions and, for the right people, that means some great career opportunities too.