We’re passionate about delivering the Specsavers brand locally, with the same quality and affordable products, ensuring that these special customers and their families are able to make the right choices for the right reasons, in the comfort of their own homes.

Our work in the community, supporting those who are unable to come into our stores, is something we’re extremely proud of and firmly committed to. Our domiciliary optometrists and optical advisors embody that commitment.

The domiciliary customer base is quite varied, so it is likely that you will be seeing more pathology than store based optometrists, thus utilising your skill set to a greater degree.

Although you’ll spend most of your time out and about, you’ll still enjoy the support of a knowledgeable and well-trained team - not to mention all the equipment you need to excel in the role.

When a patient lets you into their home, they let you into their life. Gaining a patients confidence and trust plays an even greater part of a domiciliary optometrist’s role than for their store-based colleagues.

Because you spend much of your time out and about, it stands to reason that you’ll become a more integral part of the community, and be better placed to promote enhanced services for the people who live in it, such as local shared care schemes.