Bringing the practice to the home

The company believes in bringing the practice to the home, as with the testing equipment just because a patient is being attended to at home this does not mean they cannot have a comprehensive eye examination, the same is therefore true with dispensing. Modern lightweight cases and trolleys allow for a large selection of frames from budget to designer to be easily transported to the home.

Optometry Support

The company prides itself on the support it is able to give to its professional staff. Local Optometric managers only a phone call away who in turn are supported by a dedicated Head Office team ensuring all professional staff are guided and advised on any issue large or small.

CET, Clinical Governance and much much more

The company is an approved and certified provider of CET and regularly runs courses to ensure those all-important points are gained and regular bi-monthly reviews assist in such crucial areas as clinical governance. Furthermore each Optometrist has their own personal clinical governance file the contents of which include regular audits of patient records, testimonials and other relevant information.  

How do I get to my patients?

The Outside Clinic uses the latest state of the art technology to the   Optometrist informed of their schedule. The very nature of home eye testing and the independent needs of each of the patients seen by The Outside Clinic mean that schedules can change at very short notice. However this does not present any problems, all Optometrists are equipped with hand held internet access computers which deliver instant updates, in real time. With the same technology the company is able to download not just patient details but also the route and how to get there, with the latest GPS.

Eye testing with The Outside Clinic

All equipment (except Ophthalmoscope and Retinoscope) is supplied by the company. Gone are the days of a card chart on backs of doors, all Optometrists use the latest mains operated three metre illuminated charts as standard, diagnostic equipment for tonometry and fundus photography is now available in portable ease of use format and in many cases not requiring the use of ancillary drugs.

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