About The Outside Clinic

The Outside Clinic formed in 1987 is the UK's largest provider of home eye testing delivering urgently needed services to those individuals who can no longer attend a High Street Optician without help or assistance.

Although the company offers a service to group accommodations such as residential and nursing homes the majority of the patients visited are in fact individuals living in their homes. It is the lone pensioner often living on their own that is overlooked by GOS. The offer of such poor remuneration to the average High St Optician to make a home visit often leaves them unable to provide a meaningful service.

The Outside Clinic however through years of experience and even with limited NHS funding is able to deliver this greatly under valued service to those individuals who would otherwise in the words of the RNIB be "unseen and forgotten".  

The Outside Clinic has joined forces with Lloyds Pharmacy to tackle the chronic under provision of Optometry services to the over 60's.

Lloyds Pharmacy, the national community based pharmacist with a network of over 1700 stores, will now be offering its customers optometry services in association with and through The Outside Clinic. The service will be for those individuals who are unable to attend a High Street Optician. 

Working together Lloyds Pharmacy Outside Clinic Community Opticians will be able to make a substantial contribution to improving the sight and reducing avoidable sight loss for many of the country's elderly citizens and moving Lloyds Pharmacy from a good pharmacy business to a great healthcare brand.  

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