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Issue 12 - September 2005
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Flame Health

£35,000-45,000 + Benefits

Experienced, Newly Qualified, or pre-reg waiting to take resits

East / West Sussex
£30,000-40,000 + Benefits + Bonus + Accommodation

East Hampshire

Dental Hygienist

Associate Dentist/Lead Clinician/Specialist

Dental Hygienist
Worksop - Nottinghamshire
£39,000 (Pro Rata)


Associate Dentist
Hull - East Yorkshire

Flame Pharma

Chief Scientific Officer
New York
Salary on application

Clinical Project Manager
UK and Europe

Technical Operations Director

Sales Manager
£35,000-42,000 + Bonus

Business Development Manager
£30,000 + Bonus

Product Specialist
£25,000-30,000 + Bonus

Theatre Sales
NE/SE/SW Thames
£28,000-34,000 + Bonus

Flame Active

General Manager

Regional Manager
£75,000 OTE

Senior Sales Consultant
London & North West England
£18,000 + Bonus

Sales & Marketing Manager
£26,000-30,000 + Bonus

Health Club Sales Manager
£26,000 + Bonus

Gym Manager

UK health recruitment gets better and better

SME's business faltering due to lack of skills in industry

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are being held back by the lack of skilled professionals in the local market. According to research commissioned by Inter-Tel Europe, 46% of SMEs make this claim, a rise of 6% from 2004...
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Eyecare 3000

Flame Health are proud to be Gold Sponsors once again of Eyecare 3000 Cardiff, the largest two day CET course organised by Specialist Continuing Training throughout the UK...
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Birth Defects can be reduced by Fortified Grain, studies show

Enriched grain products such as pasta and breads have been shown to reduce the number of occurrences of certain birth defects...
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Patient care to be improved by new computer programme

A new computer programme commissioned by Essex Strategic Health Authoriy, lead commissioner for the 28 SHAs, the NHS Modernisation Agency and the Department of Health, has been developed to improve the care of patients with long-term illnesses...
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Flame Health become GOC approved supplier of CET

Flame Health has shown once again why they are one of the leading recruitment consultancy in the optometry sector as they become the first recruitment consultancy to become an approved supplier of CET by the General Optical Council...
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Patients unable to book appointments more than 2 days in advance

Under government targets, GPs have to see patients within 48 hours. In order to meet this target, they can only offer a small amount of long term appointments, keeping time free to see patients booking at a later date...
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Concerned MPs have called for advertising in the Pharmaceutical Industry to be monitored

It is thought that drugs were being prescribed despite the fact all side effects had yet to be investigated. The marketing of these products was also becoming much more influential...
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Breakthrough in stem cell transplant research

The key to successful stem cell transplants, Professor Maggie Dallman of the Imperial College London claims, is tricking the body's immune system into producing regulatory cells, which inhibit the body's immune system attacking its own molecules...
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Dental Overhaul called for by MSP

IMike Rumbles, the Liberal Democrats’ former health spokesman, claimed ministers are being slow to put into practice the talked about dentistry overhaul...
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Dental records key in identifying Tsunami victims

Following the Tsunami in December 2004, the traditional method of comparing dental records proved more successful than recent DNA techniques when identifying the victims of the disaster...
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Internet Medicine is unsafe, warns the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

The Centre for Reform has created a report on the growing trend of patients buying medicine over the internet, titled ‘Online pharmacy: patient choice or patient peril’...
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Olympic team to refurbish leisure centre

The leisure centre in Swansea closed in 2003 with a £14million repair bill after being open for 26 years. A team of designers which worked on swimming facilities for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and water rides at Alton Towers, have been brought in to plan...
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Activist-targeted guinea pig farm closes

The Darley Oaks Farm, the subject of an animal rights activist campaign for six years, is to stop breeding guinea pigs after over 30 years of supplying them for medical research...
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Eating chips as a young child may raise breast cancer risk in adulthood

US researchers have reported that women who ate chips frequently as very young children have a much higher risk of breast cancer as adults. It was found that one additional serving of chips per week between the ages of three and five increased breast cancer risk by 27%...
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More drug trials need women

An analysis of cardiovascular drug clinical trials suggests that too few women are included in the study populations, which could lead to unknown risks for women...
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NHS trust executive lied on CV to get job

A former NHS trust chief executive has admitted in court that he lied about his qualifications in order to obtain a £115,000 a year job. Neil Taylor, the former head of the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust, also told the Shrewsbury magistrates court that he had produced a bogus degree certificate, purporting to be from the University of Nottingham, in an attempt to retain his post...
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