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Issue 3 - October 2004
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Medicines watchdog 'under fire'
The agency responsible for monitoring the safety of medicines in the UK faces allegations it is failing to protect patients. A BBC Panorama investigation claims vital information relating to the anti-depressant Seroxat was overlooked.
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Men talk balls on health
A man goes to the doctor, and his doctor says: “Hello, I haven’t seen you for a while.” “I know,” says the man. “I’ve been ill.” There in lies a truth. Men don’t go to the doctor.
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Nurses set to bid for shifts online
A nursing union has blasted a plan for nurses to bid against each other over the Internet for work. Under the scheme, nurses log on to the Internet and bid anonymously for vacant shifts at hospitals in their health board area.
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Warning: medical websites damage your health!
Health obsessives will be breaking out in a sweat when they read the latest research: browsing medical websites can be bad for you.
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An extra 90 minutes in bed would make us live longer, work harder and be happier
Late nights and early starts are depriving the nation of valuable rest, work and play as national averages for sleep have dropped to 7.5 hours per night. Which is why a major new report is urging bosses to let workers sleep on the job.
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