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Unethical headhunters target optical practices
Bogus calls from unscrupulous headhunters are continuing to be made to optical practices despite a warning from the General Optical Council. Last month the GOC issued a warning to practices following a spate of calls from recruiters.
Published: 7 November 2008      Ref: Optician
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Hospitals 'allowing top up care'
The BBC has learned that payments to top up NHS care - supposedly banned - are happening at 30 hospitals across the UK. Professor Mike Richards, the cancer tsar for England, has been holding a review about so called co-payments...
Published: 14 October 2008      Ref: BBC News
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GPs 'paid more for working less'
Family doctors in England are working less, but paid more after the introduction of a new contract
Published: 9 October 2008      Ref: BBC News
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Testicles 'are stem cell source'
The cells in a man's testicles may be able to do a lot more than just make sperm - they could provide any cell type in his body. German and UK research suggests that sperm cells can be coaxed into stem cells with similar properties to those found...
Published: 9 October 2008      Ref: BBC NEws
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NHS dentists pay 'up to £96k'
NHS dentists in England are earning significantly more since new contracts were introduced two years ago, official figures will suggest. The contracts were meant to improve NHS access, but a recent study suggested fewer patients were being treated.
Published: 15 September 2008      Ref: BBC News
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Study reveals extent of undiagnosed error
A study into visual impairment due to undiagnosed refractive error has revealed that almost two out of every 100 working age adults in Britain,
Published: 29 August 2008      Ref: Optician Online
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Vision Express acquires Batemans Opticians
Vision Express has acquired G.Bateman Group, the family owned optical company, for an undisclosed sum,
Published: 2 May 2008      Ref: Optician Online
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Sight-saving injection approved
Thousands of patients in England and Wales will soon be getting the sight-saving drug Lucentis on the NHS. The injection treats age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of sight loss in the UK.
Published: 2 April 2008      Ref: BBC News
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