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Bad news for contact lens wearers
Bad news for contact lens wearers. A new study from Bausch and Lomb has found that over half of UK contact lens wearers experience problems such as blurred vision, halos and glare in low light.
Published: 4 November 2011      Ref: Optometry Today
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Dentist Retention Fee Deadline
Flame Health would like to remind all dentists not to miss the 31st December deadline to pay their annual retention fee and remain on the register.
Published: 4 November 2011      Ref: Dentistry.co.uk
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New Research into Gum Disease
Interesting news from Queen Mary, University of London has stated that bacteria living in the mouth provides the catalyst for the development of gum disease.
Published: 4 November 2011      Ref: Dentistry.co.uk
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Don't be lazy, you may get fired!
A leaked government report commissioned by the prime minister has stated that unproductive workers should lose their right to claim unfair dismissal, arguing that more capable people would replace those sacked, boosting economic growth.
Published: 28 October 2011      Ref: BBC News
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Pharmacy Cut Backs in Northern Ireland
Community Pharmacy Northern Ireland (CPNI) has stated that funding cutbacks have forced pharmacies in Northern Ireland to cut jobs as many struggle to pay bills.
Published: 28 October 2011      Ref: C&D
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REC's October Jobs Outlook
The REC’s latest Job Outlook report has revealed that although employer confidence remains fragile, there are signs that employers are becoming more confident about longer-term hiring intentions.
Published: 28 October 2011      Ref: REC
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School Vision Screening figures down again
This week has shown disappointing news for PCT’s in England. Latest figures published by Which?, has shown that PCT figures have almost doubled over the last 12 months by failing to offer free in school vision screening.
Published: 28 October 2011      Ref: Optometry Today
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What does the future hold for the Tooth Fairy?
Flame Health are amazed to hear the findings from a decade of work by Future Health BIOBANK. This company are offering parents the opportunity of having the cells contained in their children’s first teeth, frozen and stored for potential future medical us
Published: 28 October 2011      Ref: Dentistry.co.uk
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